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The text used in this animation is part of an essay entitled “Female Pascifism” that was written in 1917 and published in 1922 by Lida Gustava Heymann. Heymann (born 15 March 1868 in Hamburg, died 31 July 1943 in Zürich) grew up with privilege and access to education. She studied History, Political Science, and Political Economics in Berlin and Munich and became a journalist and German women's rights activist. After the death of her father - and the inheritance of his fortune - she opened a cheap restaurant for working women, a daycare center for girls and boys, and provided counseling for women. She also founded a co-educational high school and professional associations for female clerks and theatre workers. With a group of fellow women activists, such as Helene Stöcker and Minna Crauer as well as her partner Anita Augspurg, she worked committedly to end the trade of women for prostitution, for suffrage and for peace. She was a leading figure in the "Association of Women's Groups."

Heymann wanted to "help women free themselves from male domination." Together with Augspurg, she published the newspaper Frau im Staat (Women in the State) from 1919 to 1933. This newspaper presented the pacifist, feminist and democratic positions on various subjects. In 1923, Heymann and Augspurg called for Adolf Hitler to be expelled from Germany. When Hitler seized power ten years later, both happened to be out of the country. They never returned. Their property was confiscated and they officially emigrated to Switzerland.

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