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I have spent most of my life in cities: born and raised in Tokyo, I then moved to New Orleans for three years, followed by two in St. Louis. For the past six years I have lived in New York, primarily working on sculptural and community-based art projects. Much of my work revolves around the relationship between people and their environs, specifically architecture, nature, and the manmade landscape. To better understand the complexities of such relationships, an important part of my practice involves simply walking and observing my own surroundings.

Over the past few years, between residencies and jobs, I have often found myself walking around Lower Manhattan. The history I can see here inspires my work, and guides my thoughts toward our interactions with the next generation, leading me to seek out situations in which young people can experience both the good and bad points of our communities to form their own ideas, opinions, and solutions. In this video, I invite the viewer along on a virtual version of one of my walks, loosely combining footage from these perambulations with the thoughts and observations this location inspires within me.

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