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Here Lower Manhattan is idealized, blending history, present, and future iterations of space into a web-like cacophony of motion and disorientation. Tunnel pathways are carved into the marshlands south of Battery Park where shipping containers become makeshift reefs and underwater housing. Speaker stations are available to plug in your microphone, iPod, or boom box, next to reinstalled payphones and water fountains. Alternative modes of transportation allow for rhizomatic movement, and the translucent sea wall near ferry stations doubles as a free aquarium while old industrial infrastructure has been turned into low-income housing scattered throughout downtown neighborhoods. Human-engineered oyster reefs have created calm, clean swimming holes on the east and west sides near the jogging paths, collecting piezoelectric energy used to power UV filtration systems that neutralize the combined sewage overflow at strategic points before it runs into the rivers. Instead of commercial ads, artists are hired to create work for billboards and buses, fostering creative rather than consumer-based atmospheres. Ballooned houses are tethered to tall buildings where they collect and store water, filtering smog with their giant static screens. A New York City of ideas, its subjects continuously imagine and recreate boundaries and realities through the energies, rhythms, and flows of a constantly changing Lower Manhattan.

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