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Ask some skaters to draw a map of Lower Manhattan – you'll get something very different from the map a Wall Street trader would draw. Ask them to bring you to the Banks down there, and you'll end up under the Brooklyn Bridge, next to a series of undulating brick slopes.

At least, you used to.

That big bull on Bowling Green - that was home base for our midnight wiffleball games.

"200 years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground. It took the minds of 12 year olds to realize its potential." 
—From Future Primitive, Bones Brigade 2

Spandrel NYC?

A Spandrel is an unplanned-for space, a forgotten architectural detail, like the triangular space left beneath a stairwell, between an arch and the ceiling, under a bridge, behind a door...

The term has been adopted by many professions to indicate the re-use of structures for purposes other than the originally intended - even body parts. Spandrelling means using these empty spaces for new purposes - building structures (physical or social) for dancing, sleeping, reading, dining, looking at stars…

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